Marine Structure & Piling

Srivay Infra Projects

Srivay provides comprehensive suite of design and construction services for the near shore marine structures. 

We, with our experienced team of in house engineering and construction professionals can ensure that you get the most cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution.


Offering a wide range of marine structuring, marine piling, ground engineering services which are perfectly allied with needs of our clients.

We have the expertise in designing and constructing marine structural works, construction of the pier facilities, pilling, reclamation etc. You can count on us for complete provision of the overall marine engineering support, maintenance, rehabilitation, special rig fabrications work, foundations, marine site improvement, refineries and storage facilities etc. We focus on geotechnical and geophysical soil investigations as required for your marine project.

With years of experience in marine engineering and access to world-class resources and the largest pool of talent comprising marine engineers and technicians, we are capable enough to take on any-size marine project as needed by our client.

Our unique design services with more focus on each and every phase of the project development, implementation and management provide our clients higher ROI for sure.

All our engineering solutions are developed taking into account constructability, feasibility factors and advanced and safe methodologies. The designed solutions are also verified through robust geotechnical and structural analysis which further strengthen the functioning of the project. 

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