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We, Srivay, are a trusted EPC company, providing integrated EPC solutions for the transportation sector.

We Design, build, manage projects for the road, rail, transit, toll road and highway projects etc.

We have the experience and the manpower to execute projects of all sizes – road, railway projects, rehabilitation and replacement projects, toll road and highway projects, bridge repair, heavy tonnage rail systems, projects on culverts, heavy haulage tracks, level crossings, mainline and spurs, siding and passing loops and others.

Our custom solutions include but not just limited to project feasibility, project development, financing and management. We provide turnkey design, engineering and construction and other integrated operations and maintenance services.  

  • End-to-end EPC solutions for transportation sector
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Environmental permitting
  • Quality inspection
  • Testing and community outreach

Srivay is built upon time-tested values of unparalleled excellence, perfection in EPC across transportation sector.

We work to the highest ethical standards and our dedication can be measured by the enduring quality of the work that we deliver for every project we undertake.

We are committed to leaving a legacy of progress by harnessing local and global EPC expertise for sustained economic opportunities. 

Delivering greater capital efficiency, curtailing down costs, scheduling certainty! 

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